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His drip-bag had run out again and he was awake. Her heart started to pound as she met the deep cerulean eyes tucked behind the useless titanium bars. She knew, better than anyone, that Twelve-A could kill them all, should it ever cross his mind. The slender experiment said nothing more, merely watched her from his thin, military-issue mattress. Fighting the gut-deep urge to drop her charts and run, Marie hurried back through the foot-thick leaden doors separating the holding area from the lab and slapped the glowing red button inside the monitoring room.

She allowed herself a soft breath of relief as the massive hydraulics of the holding area hissed shut, locking the experiments in their silent bunker of lead and concrete.

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The woman gave the holding area a nervous glance, then her eyes flickered back to her vitals monitor. Codgson was a bureaucratic furg. Twelve-A had been pitted against everything the other labs could throw at him again and again—and had lived. She cocked her head at the monitor that showed him hunched around his knees in one corner of his cell, staring at the wall.

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Marie, having seen the lifeless bodies Twelve-A left behind in the Dark Room, knew better. She also knew there was nothing that could stand against Twelve-A. By some luck of the draw, it was their lab, of all of them, that had hit upon the lucky combination that no amount of desperate cloning had been able to reproduce. Still, Marie felt dread creeping into her soul. Twelve-A hated the Dark Room. If left awake after he was pitted against another experiment, Twelve-A would go broody and silent—or sometimes just curl into a ball and cry for hours.

What if he one day sat down and let the inferior creatures Codgson pitted him against simply end his misery? What if he just stopped caring?

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What if he grew angry? Or worse…what if he grew vengeful? Just the tiniest slip by the technicians monitoring him and he could wreak destruction on the whole lab.

He could escape. We can always make another, if he fails to cooperate.

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The colonel stood in the hall, his perfectly crisp blue uniform accenting a bored demeanor, as if they were talking about cloning rats. Though she had said it a thousand times to the gun-happy thugs running the military side of the project, she explained it again. Further, I write fast.

Basically casting my dice to the Fates, and seeing what happens. If you like Alaskan Fury , please tell your friends. On that note, Alaskan Fury never went through a copyeditor. What you see is the result of a few dedicated volunteers, all of whom have poured untold hours into the crafting of the book in your hands. They are awesome, steeped in awesome, sprinkled with awesome. Thanks, guys! Two very special people were behind Alaskan Fury from Day One. David, my soulmate and now! He caught me, tugged me out of the hole I was sinking into, dusted me off, and, refusing to tolerate my melancholic, whiny pityfests, got me writing again.

The second person is a Mr. Stephen Buchanan, who was the brainstorming genius behind this exceptional book. He put a lot of time into this novel, and his wife, Amy, deserves some serious kudos and author acknowledgements for letting me borrow his brain and monopolize his spare time for a month. Alaskan Fire , another Guardians of the First Realm novel, already went up on Kindle in late January of this year, and I have several adventure sci-fi novels and hopefully Alaskan Fang!!

Over the long years of bondage to the Fourth Lander, she had trained herself to almost see the odd flicker of the light where he danced, half in his own land, half in hers. Some days, she was better at seeing it than others. Often, it came and went with her mood.

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Anger made it easier. Oh, she hated the convolutions he could come up with in order to reason out his own actions. It was the very reason she had hunted him down in the first place and inadvertently begun this nightmare, three thousand years ago. Wiped it completely off of the map with a single wish.

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He had monkey-pawed a kingdom into ruin, and reveled in it. So much so that her Lord had told her to destroy him. Beginning a nightmare that would never end. Too many meanings to words.

Too many interpretations. Too many loopholes. Kaashifah had learned this long ago, and had been living in torment ever since. And I returned. Perhaps now you will listen to what I had to say? Kaashifah fought a surge of terror, knowing the beast was directly behind her, knowing that her naked form was completely exposed to him, but she fought it down and straightened her spine, hiding it well. She could, after all, use her last wish to kill the monster, and they both knew it. And, having begun the duel of souls so long ago at the oasis of Tafilat, to take his head now was to bind his soul to hers in perpetual servitude, from which only her word could grant his release.

And she knew he craved her body. She could see it, whenever he looked at her.

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  7. He stood like a mountain before her, his black body like a deeper shadow in the half-light. He wore a thin, gauzy sirwal to cover his waist and legs, but not much else. And, through the film of silk, she could see the hardness there, the longing. Three thousand years of longing, for he made it very plain that he held his imprisonment against her, despite the fact that he was the one to do it. And three thousand years ago, the longing had been just as strong.

    Back then, she was pretty sure he would have done it out of violence, out of fury for what she had done to him.

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    Now, she was sure he would relish in it, make it last until she screamed for death. Strangely, though, the tone stays on the light side, despite some sad and scary times in the book. The tone saves the story and makes it a lot of fun to read. Loved the Dallas York "stick fairy" character - a stick fairy is an extremely rare individual who can fly a spaceship well manually.

    Also loved Rabbit, the telepathic sea creatures, and the symbiotic parasite Stuart. I'd love to see Stuart's race hire a PR firm to come up with a campaign for them. I could see them marketing themselves as a humane alternative to execution, or as "seeing eye dogs" for people with brain damage, or as medical therapists for those stuck in comas, or the easiest way to lose a TON of weight and get your body into peak condition no personal willpower necessary!

    Heck, they could be the best circus trainers EVER. I thought the "idiot people destroy what they don't understand and exploit everything they get their hands on" message was well delivered through entirely believable examples. On the other hand, I think people will eventually accept anything, no matter how unlikely seeming at first, so my marketing ideas for Stuart don't seem far-fetched as all to me.

    I'm surprised that something like that wasn't in the book. View 1 comment. Jun 15, Michael rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Great sci-fi based book that is not bogged down by a ton of techno jargon. Author does a great job of lobbing in some historical info on the characters from time to time such as Rabbit and Athenias being married in the past.