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What does that particular social phenomenon sound like to you?

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Twitter could have been a town square. The social web became a nasty, brutish place. Can you remember the last time you heard the CEO of a major tech company talking about…abuse…not ads? Why not? Nothing could be further from the truth. What really happens on Twitter these days? People have self-sorted into cliques, little in-groups, tribes.

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The purpose of tribes is to defend their beliefs, their ways, their customs, their culture — their ways of seeing the world. They will declare a crusade against you.

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Step two: they notice. Full on guerilla info-war. But note. In all these endless squabbles, this perpetual outrage, this non-stop-cabaret of electronic violence…we are not fighting over anything that means anything much in the first place. Is it any wonder, then, that people are checking out of this childish game?

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They will fight it tooth and nail, for the simple reason that it challenges their fundamental beliefs about the world. After all, they have organized their companies the way that they have been taught to organize their worlds. Nowhere in this picture do we see the issue of what their products and services truly are in the first place. Organizations such as the above are devoted to the industrial age goals of ever increasing productivity and efficiency, selling at the highest price and manufacturing at the lowest cost.

But just as a meatpacking company that sold tainted beef, over and over again, that made people ill, would eventually see a decline in sales, so too a social web which is infected with the abuse will inevitably see a decline in usage. That is not merely a matter of bits and bytes — but of norms and values. Hence, technology no longer understands the notion of quality in any meaningful way at all.

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And that is a central point. And so people will simply tune it out, ignore it, walk away from it if they can. For the simple fact is that technologies which devalue us do not create value for us. When the social interactions that it creates are little violences, then we can say that quality has fallen below the level that people will find much benefit in it.

Such interactions become toxic. But the issue of abuse is more subtle — more invisible — and more than all the above. Abuse does not arise in a vacuum.

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A healthy mind does not need to abuse. Abuse is created of trauma, and it is the traumatized mind which abuses. But the troubling fact is this.

We have created an abusive society. We have normalized, regularized, and routinized abuse.

And yet we go back, day after day, over and over and over, endlessly scrolling, like addicts hooked on a drug that we once loved but now kind of hate and cannot or will not even try to escape. Go cold turkey. In his latest book, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now , Lanier argues that engaging on the internet makes us feel bad because systems are designed to manipulate us by measuring our interests, anticipating our desires, modifying our behavior, and creating opportunities for advertisers.

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However, since the business models of the platforms rely on a negative feedback loop, the result of engagement with the platforms we do use now is ever-worsening disease, an anxious, angry, and divided culture. Or, as Claire Lehmann, founding editor of Quillette magazine puts it in an Oct.

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