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A death that may have been murder An island that blew apart with the force of , atomic bombs A civilisation prised out of the ash, its exquisite frescoes bearing a haunting resemblance to Plato's lost island paradise, Atlantis And inexplicable events entwining past and present with bewildering intensity Can this ancient conundrum be understood before it engulfs them all?

Original in thought and execution, Travels In Elysium is the extraordinary metaphysical thriller from author William Azuski. A powerful and enigmatic re-imagining of the Atlantis legend that is fluid and tangible as Azuski weaves a plot of enthralling intricacy, his descriptive ability painting scenes that are compelling and immersive, pulling readers into the storyline as if they were experiencing the reality themselves.

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Travels In Elysium is a fathomless gift to the intelligent reader. Luxuriate in these pages and get swept on a magical mystery tour, drugs free! In these pages we have a supreme masterpiece of wisdom, instruction and, to me anyway, divine sexual sassiness. Indeed, this guy would have the ancient Greeks clapping with envious congratulations!

Azuski certainly writes in a style that will make you not want to put the book down. However, I found I needed to stop reading and reflect every few chapters, purely because there was so much happening and so many ideas and developments to assimilate. Not just in terms of the storyline but the deeper questions… about life, death and their meaning. Every classical Greek story should begin as a journey and this book offers a fine one [bringing] the reader right into a wonderful fantasy: what if you were able to join a major archaeological expedition?

Travels in Elysium

William Azuski [ Thus, while set in an archaeological dig, his superbly-crafted novel deals in metaphysics rather than middens and presents itself as a vivid, intelligent and often mystifying thriller that gradually poses profound questions about the nature of reality and the human condition. One to get you thinking, then keep you guessing from first to last. I confess that I, like many mythophiles, have spent many stray moments wondering whether Atlantis really existed, and if so, where it is.

Turns out I was asking the wrong question all along. The question is not where it might be but rather what it might be. This was one of the best books I have ever read. The descriptions of the island and the digs are phenomenal. I could not put it down. His way with words is simply wonderful. For the first time ever, I kept notes on turns of phrases.

Yes, they were that beautiful and well done… Mr. Azuski, you are to be complimented on giving us this tour de force. Thank you! This philosophical thriller mixes a novel of ideas with a mystery plot on the Greek island of Santorini. This grounding in place, stranded on an awesome otherworldly terrain, heightens drama effectively. Alternately lyrical, allegorical, sensual and spine-tingling, William Azuski takes the reader on an exciting voyage of discovery, an allegorical tale of the search for the very meaning of existence.

follow url It takes the reader to that place where myth, mysticism, nature and human obsession converge. This extraordinary novel, part murder mystery, part metaphysical thriller, kept me guessing until the very last page. The intellectual duel between the troubled hero and his ruthless mentor is mesmerising. The bizarre landscapes of Santorini and the daily lives of its people, both ancient and modern, are vividly evoked.

What Azuski does very well is create a compelling premise, peopled with memorable characters living and dead , and sets forth his own dialogue as a philosophical treatise disguised as an adventure. Keep one thing in mind: Nothing — and no one — is what it seems. There is more truth and prescience in that offhand remark than the speaker could imagine, and it is such unsubtle teasers that continue to draw the reader, like the crazed archaeologist himself, deeper and deeper into the story.

A story of Archaeology and Greek culture that I could not put down! I started reading Travels in Elysium by William Azuski on a cold and wet spring day it proved to be the perfect tonic for such a dismal day. The name resonates with images of ancient splendor and mystery.

His characters are fully-fleshed and complex. Nicholas Pedrosa, wide-eyed and eager. Marcus Huxley, imperious and impatient, with a temper as volatile as the volcano that ripped apart the island.

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Parker , Buddy Hollywood. The reader is immersed in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feel of Santorini under the military junta of the early s and in the mystical reality that intersects with the mundane world. What happened to his predecessor?