Tous ceux quelle aimait (Littérature étrangère) (French Edition)

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Salamano says he tried to cure its skin disease but the real problem was old age. When Meursault says He's sorry about the dog, Salamano recalls how Meursault's mother had liked the dog. He knows Meursault had loved her even though the people locally had a low opinion of him for putting her in the home. Meursault says he couldn't afford the nursing she required and they had no longer anything to say to each other. He has a headache and Marie laughs at his dismal appearance. Meursault finds Marie beautiful in her white dress with her hair loose.

She laughs with pleasure at his compliment. When they go out into the street, Meursault in his state of fatigue finds the sunlight hits him like a slap in the face. Raymond comes down. Meursault sees his white skin under the dark hair of his arms and is disgusted. The day before, Meursault had testified at the Police Station that Raymond's mistress had let him down. The Arabs are waiting at the tobacconists but make no move to follow them. Seeing Mme. He and Marie go for a swim with Masson.

Meursault expresses his pleasure at swimming with Marie. After the swim they rest on the beach and Meursault dozes off.

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When he awakens Masson has gone back to the hut. Marie invites him into the sea for a kiss. Meursault enjoys the meal and drinks a lot of wine. His head is heavy.

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Marie too is a little tipsy. Meursault lets the two men talk on, he is half asleep through the sun on his bare head. Suddenly they see two Arabs a long way ahead of them at the end of the beach. One is Raymond's man. The Arab attempts to butt Raymond.

Masson who is of strong build, lays out the second Arab. Raymond has hit the other man in the face, but when Raymond turns to Meursault to boast about what he's going to hand out to the Arab, the latter draws a knife and slashes him. The other Arab picks himself up and sheltering behind the knife they back away and then run off.

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The women are upset to see Raymond's wound. Masson takes Raymond to a doctor who says the wounds are superficial. Afterwards Raymond insists on going out again. Meursault goes with him. Raymond is going to deliberately seek out the two Arabs, who they find behind a big rock near a little spring. Thinking it would only provoke his angry companion to say "No," Meursault says that as the Arab hasn't spoken it would be a dirty trick to shoot him down like that.

He tells Raymond he can't shoot unless the other man draws a knife. Meursault asks to be given the revolver saying that he, Meursault, will shoot if the Arab pulls a knife. Raymond gives him the gun.

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The Arabs slip away and Meursault and Raymond go back - the latter now satisfied. Meursault his head ringing with the sunlight, doesn't feel he can go up to the hut and that he can be with the emotional women again. He needs to get out of the sun to find the coolness of the Spring. Page 73 - J'avais envie de retrouver le murmure de son eau envie de fuir le soleil, l'effort et les pleurs de femme, envie enfin de retrouver l'ombre et son repos,. To his surprise he finds that Raymond's Arab has come back. Meursault hadn't expected it at all. Immediately the Arab puts his hand to his pocket.

As a natural reaction, Meursault reaches for his gun. The Arab is ten yards away - but his image is dancing before Meursault's eyes in the burning air. Meursault could turn around and get away — but he can't face the prospect of the heat. He walks towards the spring. It was the same sun beating on him as on the day of his Mother's funeral and causing him the same distress. The Arab draws the knife, and Meursault has the illusion that the reflection strikes him in the face. He is blinded by sweat in his eyes.

Everything dances in front of him. He tightens his grip on the revolver and the trigger goes off. Then he fires four more bullets which disappear without mark in the inert body. They are like four brief raps on the door of misfortune.

A week later the examining magistrate interviewed him and was the first to show great interest. At first Meursault hadn't taken the theatricality of the proceedings seriously. The magistrate sat Meursault in a chair with a light on him while he sat in the shade. Meursault describes the magistrate fine featured - tall - abundant almost white hair - with such a pleasant manner that Meursault almost shook his hand on leaving. The next day the lawyer appointed to defend Meursault came to prison.

Small, plump, hair plastered down, dark suit and an eccentric tie. Meursault's lawyer will not impress the Court. His lawyer tells him that the examining magistrates have found out that Meursault showed insensitivity at the funeral of his mother. He asks Meursault if he had felt grief.

Meursault, the private man, is shocked at this intrusion. He analyses his reactions and says that he loved his mother-of course but all people had more or less wished the death of those they love. Page 81 - Sans doute, j'aimais bien maman, mais cela ne me voulait rien dire. Meursault then explains the reason for his behaviour at the funeral. He was so tired he wasn't aware what was happening. But Meursault refuses as this would be false. He says it has no bearing on the case - but the lawyer says Meursault doesn't know the law.

As the lawyer leaves, Meursault realises that his own counsel does not understand him.

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Page 82 - Il ne me comprenait pas et il m'en voulait un peu. Meursault feels like trying to explain but feels that it would be pointless and doesn't make the effort. The magistrate says people depict Meursault as a taciturn and uncommunicative person. He gets Meursault to tell the full story encouraging him with a "good, good" after each sentence. Meursault has never spoken so much before.


When the magistrate asks him if he loved his mother, Meursault replies with merciless honesty " Oui comme tout le monde " and the clerk of the court, in shock, hits the wrong keys on his typewriter. Then the magistrate asks if he had fired the shots in succession. Meursault replies he fired once and then four more shots a few seconds later.