Normandie 2 - La Normandie du Débarquement (French Edition)

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Monday 3rd june Ecausseville 2. Walk with americans et germans soldiers to remember the fight during the night of the 5th june With Tom Rice, WW2 veteran and children from schools of the area. Tuesday 4th june Ecausseville 2. F monument. Front of the church.

In honor of Airborne troops and crews with military authorities, a large unit of american soldiers paratroopers and flight crew and german paratroopers. Military music. Wednesday 5th june Gourbesville 10 a. Parachute drop of Tom Rice , ww2 veteran. Followed by a military parade to the Signal Monument next to the city hal l. Thursday 6th june. On June 6, the group will officially present their ephemeral sculpture schedule to be specified. Scheduleto be defined. Free entrance only in french version. Deglopper monument.

FULL Share a dinner and evening with paratroopers from different nationalities that will make the show on Sunday during the parachute drops. Some Veterans and family members will also attend the dinner. Limited number of participants.

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With prior booking until 1st May. Come share your dinner with american and german soldiers. Spectators, whether in period military or civilian clothing, are invited to dance and swing to the music of yesteryear. Catering and drinks on site.

Dernières actualités

Reenactment of the german gun battery storming. Saturday 8th june. Wright and Kenneth J. Departure at parking of the e. Departure from the Valnoble square. Musical of the Roseaux school of Carentan les Marais. Sunday 9th june. Amateur singers or bands, come and perform in professional technical conditions.

Public prize with applause-meter. Stop at le Valnoble square.

6 juin 1944 le débarquement en Normandie

At Isigny street in tribute to the liberators of the town. Monday 10th june. Sunday 23rd june Sainte Marie du Mont 10 a. William the Conqueror. Horse riding.

Basse-Normandie — Wikivoyage, le guide de voyage et de tourisme collaboratif gratuit

Beaches in Normandy. Out of the ordinary. The D-Day Landings were the most vital part of the greater Operation Overlord to liberate Europe from years of German military occupation. Allied planning for a massive invasion of German-held France had got underway as early as As plans developed, the Allied commanders, Eisenhower and Montgomery, decided to extend the landing sectors to east and west. Preparations on a vast scale went on for months in southern England. Through superior air power and a campaign of misinformation, the Allies managed to keep the German military from learning about the build-up to the invasion.

Normandy Summer School

However, the Germans had fortified the Normandy coast, particularly after Hitler had put the extremely competent Rommel in charge of coastal defences along the French coast in Allied aerial bombardments in advance of the D-Day Landings were targeted to break up German lines and to bomb strategic spots, notably gun batteries, although these advance raids were not always successful.

The invasion of France began in the night of 5th to 6th June, a few days later than planned, due to bad weather. The British troops who landed in the east successfully took the bridges over the Orne River and its canal. Then the major D-Day Landings began in the early morning of 6 June. The Allies had divided the mile coastal stretch chosen for the invasion into five sectors, codenamed Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah.

Out west at Omaha and Utah, it was American forces who landed.

75e anniversaire du Débarquement : à Courseulles, la France dit « un merci immense » aux Canadiens

The circumstances encountered at different points along this coast were highly contrasting. Some beaches were taken without too much fighting, others were bitterly fought over, the waters and sands littered with burning craft and dead bodies. The whole operation, those who fought on D-Day and those who sacrificied their lives on that crucial day in history, are recalled in extremely moving museums, memorials, cemeteries and sites set along the D-Day Landing Beaches.

Sword Beach. In the original D-Day plan, the invasion front was not intended to extend this far east, instead ending at Courseulles-sur-Mer. However, the British and American military commanders, Montgomery and Eisenhower, insisted on the front going east as far as the Orne Estuary. There were major obstacles in this most easterly sector, natural at Lion-sur-Mer and Luc-sur-Mer, in the form of reefs, while strong German defences had been erected around the port of Ouistreham. The bulk of the forces who landed on Sword Beach were British.

Some French naval forces also took part, under Philippe Kieffer. Ouistreham was taken relatively easily on D-Day. Hermanville-sur-Mer, where many of the troops landed, proved more difficult, and the fighting there slowed the mission of racing on to the city of Caen. At Lion-sur-Mer, the marines also encountered stiff resistance.

Although this stretch of coast was secured fairly rapidly, the mission to take Caen quickly proved a failure and the Germans dug in for many weeks in that city. We propose Salsa lessons, Zumba lessons, aqua-aerobics lessons, introduction dive fitted for everyone with professional organisers. Our direct access to the beach and provision of a First-aid station located from the Point du Jour campsite ensures safe peace of mind while bathing at the sea. As well as this, young and old can enjoy the comfort of our heated indoor pool with whirlpool hot tubs. To help you relax the Point du Jour has provided you with our wellness centre equipped with a spa, sauna, massage room… So that your holidays are made up of dreams and relaxation. The programme includes arts and crafts, discovery of the environment, drama clubs…Everybody can relax, we take care of your little ones. Dancing evenings, karaoke, concert, shows, game evening together as a family….

Since holidays are made to come together again and meet new people, we do everything we can to favour conviviality…. There are many activities near the Point du Jour. This campsite is an ideal starting point for your active and awesome holiday. Understand the D-Day landing beaches, fall in love with the bay of Sallenelles and the Maison de la nature, go hiking, try your hand at nature sports, golf and discover the many bike paths you can take starting right from the du Point du Jour campsite.