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This means it retains all of it's original enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which makes it one of nature's perfect foods. There are few places in America that provide the sultry, tropical climate necessary to produce the exotic honeys we offer. You are cordially invited to stop by and pick up some honey We can let you know what's in stock and bottle up what you need.

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We are eager to meet you! We love our Tropical Wildflower honey, collected from a variety of local nectars. Sugar Candy Mountain. Pearl and the Oysters. Quintron and Miss Pussycat. Thievery Corporation. There is nothing greedy or criminal in how Thievery Corporation go about their business.

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Thrill Kill Kult. Perfect storms may leave brutal devastation in their wake but there is something beautifully natural in their formation and existence.

Lola Tried. Frankie and the Witch Fingers.

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I come back to Florida and south Georgia and do the melons, the cantaloupes and all that. But a lot of guys go to the apples in upstate Washington, the Rainier cherries. A lot of guys go to Maine to do the blueberries. I used to do Ocean Spray cranberries back in the 90's. If we could do away with the varroa mite, I think we could deal with the pesticides a little better.

View the discussion thread. The controversial herbicide Roundup has been accused of causing cancer in humans and now scientists in Texas argue that the world's most popular weed killer could be partly responsible for killing off bee populations around the world. Bees have struggled for years with Colony Collapse Disorder. And there are all sorts of ideas on how to solve it.

Lead investigator Jane Ogilvie considers the findings a warning for other places like Florida, where she says the issue is not as well-studied. Listen Live. Share Tweet Email.

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View Slideshow 1 of 5. Robbie Bell shows one of his hives near Fort Meade. View Slideshow 2 of 5. Bell scrapes honey off a hive frame. View Slideshow 3 of 5.

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View Slideshow 4 of 5. View Slideshow 5 of 5. Robbie Bell stands next to his bee smoker. Miami Herald. A Florida State University study links declining bumble bee populations with climate change.