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Students will learn about common game design tactics, logic, game theory, and methodologies for making a game fun and engaging while building and editing their own games.

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Course Outline. Course Description: Game Programming This course includes hours of material focusing on game programming. Students with no previous programming experience will develop C programming skills through practical code exercises using the industry standard IDE Visual Studio. Learn about the philosophies that guide us. DevPro: Game Design. Video Lectures Each lesson is complemented with multiple videos explaining the material, complete with diagrams, illustrations, and professional insight.

Reference Text Accompanying the video lectures is textbook-style reference text so that students and teachers can read the lesson material at their own pace or as a complement to the videos for extra clarity. Student Assessments Each lesson includes pre-vetted quiz and test questions drawn from the material in the videos and the reference text. The position of the camera is between the center mark and the penalty mark, looking at the goal line.

The new view is similar to Figure Figure Ball repositioned with new camera position. To add the goal to the field, you need a new 3D scene with the goal. You can design your own, or you can get a model ready to use. With the model in place, you must add it to the Assets folder so that it can be compiled and used.

This change applies a transform to the goal and renders it. The transform is a combination of three transforms: a scale multiplying the original size by 2 , a rotation of 90 degrees, and a translation of That way, the goal is positioned facing the field, at the goal line, as in Figure Field with goal positioned. All the elements are positioned, but the ball is still jumping.

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To do that, you must sharpen your physics skills again. The kick of the ball looks something like Figure Schematics of a ball kick. The movement of the ball can be decomposed in two different movements: the horizontal movement is a movement with constant velocity I admit that there is neither air friction nor wind effects , and the vertical movement is like the one used before. The horizontal movement equation is:. Now you have two translations: one in the x -axis and other in the y -axis. You want the kick to enter the goal, so the distance must be greater than 86 the goal line is at You want the ball flight to take 2 seconds, so when you substitute these values in the first equation, you get:.

With the y -axis equation, you know the time the ball will hit the ground again, using the solution for the second degree equation yes, I know you thought you would never use it, but here it is :. With these equations, you can replace the translation for the ball.

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First, in Game. If you run the program now, you will see the goal with the ball entering the center of it. If you want the ball to go in other directions, you must add a horizontal angle for the kick. You do this with a translation in the z -axis. Figure 13 shows the distance between the penalty mark and the goal is You could calculate the translation in the z -axis, but to make it simpler: the ball must travel to the goal line at the same time it reaches the goal post.

So, the equation for the z -axis is:. Schematics of the distance to the goal. This is the translation to reach the goal post. Any translation with a lower velocity will have a smaller angle.

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With these numbers, you can set an angle for the kick with this code in the Update method:. Kick at an angle. With the ball movement and goal in place, you now need to add a goalkeeper to catch the ball. The goalkeeper will be a distorted cube.

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  6. In the Assets folder, add a new item—a new 3D scene—and call it goalkeeper. Add a cube from the toolbox and select it. Set its scale to 0.


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    The next step is to position and render the goalkeeper in the center of the goal. You do this in the Render method of Game. With this code, the goalkeeper is positioned at the center of the goal, as shown in Figure 15 note that the camera position is different for the screenshot. The goalkeeper at the center of the goal. Now, you need to make the keeper move to the right and the left to catch the ball. The goalkeeper has 1 unit in both directions, so it can be moved 6 units on either side.

    You must declare a public method in StarterKitMain. This method redirects the key to the OnKeyDown method in the Game class.

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    Now, you must declare the OnKeyDown method in Game. This method processes the key pressed and moves the goalkeeper with the arrows. Before creating the method, you must declare a private field in Game. The goalkeeper position is initially 0 and will be incremented or decremented when the user presses an arrow key. You do this in the OnKeyDown method in Game. The new goalkeeper position is used in the Render method of Game.

    With these changes, you can run the game and see that the goalkeeper moves to the right and the left when you press the arrow keys Figure Game with the goalkeeper in position. This variable is used in the Update and Render methods in Game.

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    The variable modelTransform is moved from the loop to the top. The next step is to kick the ball. This happens when the user presses the space bar. You declare the ResetGame method as private in Game. Another change you need to make is the kick angle.

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    This code fixes the kick near the right post:. Subtract 0. To use different sequences every game, you must initialize the generator by calling srand in the CreateDeviceDependentResources method:. To call the time function, you must include ctime. Most of the code is now in place, but you must know whether the goalkeeper caught the ball or the user scored a goal. Use a simple method to find out: when the ball reaches the goal line, you check whether the ball rectangle intersects the goalkeeper rectangle. If you want, you can use more complex methods to determine a goal, but for our needs, this is enough.

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    All the calculations are made in the Update method:. Declare two private fields in Game.