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Published online: 12 Apr Acknowledgements I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers of Popular Music and Society for their helpful comments and criticisms. Article Metrics Views. Article metrics information Disclaimer for citing articles. Login options Log in. Username Password Forgot password? Shibboleth OpenAthens. Restore content access Restore content access for purchases made as guest. Article Purchase - Online Checkout. Issue Purchase - Online Checkout. People also read Article. Published online: 10 Feb Anthony Kwame Harrison et al.

Popular Music and Society Volume 34, - Issue 3. Adjacent to the central area of Porto Alegre, the new park is very well connected to the urban network and will positively affect the quality of life of the city, generating social, economic and environmental systemic effects.

The project takes advantage of the topography to accommodate the infrastructure and create scenic walks of contemplation.

The landscaping is thought about the ecological aspects of this habitat and seeks to reintroduce native species to the environment. The narrow plot slopes away from the street. The program was divided in three parts, each one with a different characteristic. Seen from the street, a transversal opaque volume protects the private areas. Also on the ground floor, a glazed space houses the social areas and take advantage of the wide scenery. From that space a staircase leads to the bedroom volume, on the lower side of the terrain and in direct contact with the garden.

This is the first one of a series of selections, since Leonardo Finotti spent more than a week photographing the city and its main buildings. The opening image is not an obvious shot from Chandigarh. This is the College of Art, designed in We like it since it shows both the resilience of good modern architecture, and the intimacy of this photography work. The word Campinarana defines a type of Amazon forest, characterized by small trees, scrubs and poor soils. The main strategies of the projects were orientated to preserve the local vegetation and control the equatorial climate.

The layout consists of two corps: a long service volume sits at the east side of the plot, while the main activities are allocated on a transversal prism. Unusually, bedrooms occupy the ground floor. On the other hand, living and dining room and the outdoor areas are on the first floor. Franceschi , M. Freyre , Gilberto.

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Stolen Child

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