How to Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You!

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But for now: Happy Birthday. Thank you for being so incredible! I wish you an amazingly loving birthday. Today is your day, my queen! I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Your wish is my command! Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman alive! To the best girl ever, the light in all my darkest days, the smile that lights up every room, my angel, my lucky charm, and the only one I will love for the rest of my days: Happy Birthday!

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Tonight, even the stars in the sky are singing you a happy birthday song with their amazing shimmer. I wanted to join them, but I must say that your beautiful eyes shine brighter than they do. Happy Birthday my darling. May the stars forever be in our favor! I wish that all your greatest dreams come true! Happy Birthday my queen. I want to see you smiling like this for the rest of your life, right here by my side. Happy Birthday, my dear. May you one day realise how much I love you.

Maybe on that day humankind will invent words to describe how strong my feelings for you truly are! I want you to have a beautiful birthday! Today, I will do whatever it is you demand of me to do. I really and truly only want your happiness.

3 Ways to Make a Man Fall in Love with You - wikiHow

Happy Birthday! I hope that you will like the gifts I have for you. Arguments and fights are the worst, am I right? You look at the person you love the most, suffering and being angry at you, and your chest is ripping itself apart.

How To Make a Man Fall in Love With You: 17 Tips He Won’t Resist

Your heart is breaking, your mind is clouding — in these moments, you will need the right words more than ever! If anything, it will make her remember why she loves you in the first place! I never wanted to make you angry. You have to know that I love you and that this is breaking my heart! My heart is breaking slowly because of how angry you are at me. So please, smile for me and I promise I will never again do anything to upset you!


Not now, not ever! I will forever stick around to make you happy and safe. So what if we had one little fight? These little things will never be strong enough to break us apart! I have made you cry tears of joy every day until today. Can you forgive me in the name of all those tears of joy you shed? I will show you that once you smile again, I will never make you this sad again. I will never again be as angry at myself as I am right at this moment, for I have made my queen cry. How will I ever live with myself again? Please, my dear forgive me! I was a fool for believing that I did the right thing.

I am truly sorry. I am sorry. Know that I am truly sorry! Please, forgive me.

First, a Note on the Art of Patience

Even if silly arguments like these happen, there is no need for you to doubt my love for you! My mouth was faster than my brain and I said some really awful things. Actually, I will never stop loving you! This is just a little reminder that other people have it even harder than we do because they let stupid things like silly fights break them up! Well, we are so much better than that! Am I right? I take it all back.

Six (scientifically approved) tips to make your man fall for you

The love I have for you is stronger than any anger will ever be. Of course, not every relationship should be given a second chance, but if you truly do believe that you two should be together and that there is no way of telling if you could be happy except to try it again, then give it a try!

2. A is for Acceptance

I messed up, okay? I messed up like never before. But I am ready to change if you are ready to take me back. We were supposed to be happy together. I am nothing but sorry. I will never forgive myself for this mistake. Do you think that you will ever be able to forgive me? Not for me, not for you. But for the relationship we had and for all those people who looked up to us. We are the perfect match because we love each other. I love you.

I will fight for us, so please think about this once more. Is there anything I can do to change your mind? If there is, I will even bring the stars from the sky to bow before you and beg you with me to come back to the love we had. I will work day and night if needed, just to show you that I truly do love you.

Remember those laughs and those nights we ended up talking until the sun rose up above the horizon? I am ready to fight for all of those again, if you just give me a chance.

You wanted to marry me. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. What happened? Is it really worth throwing away what we had? Anniversaries really are something special and girls put a lot of value on them. We remember every date, every word you said to us, and every special occasion. One year has passed and I have been kissing you for every single one of those days.

I look forward to all those days that are yet to come, to continue on kissing you and showing you my love! Thank you for everything! Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary, my love!

How to Make ANY Girl Fall in Love with You FAST!

I wish you a Happy Anniversary! Not just this one but all those anniversaries that are yet to come. But here we are, so Happy Anniversary my darling! You have made me the absolutely happiest man alive. The other day, you told me how much you loved me and I was struck dumb. But now I do: the love I feel inside me is burning brighter than a flame and I will love you until the end of time!

When everything was falling apart, I could always count on you to pull me back on track. Because we will always be there to catch each other. I chose to spend my life beside you. I would choose you again, not just today, but every upcoming anniversary and every day to come! I want to remind you of my love on every one of the days in a year, but today is special. But we made it and are looking at something we created. We are looking at a love that will bloom for all the years that lie ahead! I love you, my darling. Not that the length of what you have to say matters that much.