Guardian of His Soul [Wolves of West Texas 2] (Siren Publishing Menage and More)

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The characters are so genuine and created to draw the reader in. There is just enough action in the story to offset the incredible sexual encounters and emotional upheaval resulting in a book worth reading. I will be looking for future books by Claire Adele. Juan needed to call Derek and get out of here. She called to him like a mythical siren. Slender, with her graceful neck, straight shoulders, and long legs, she moved with an ethereal beauty.

The soft lantern light of her entry hall revealed that her short, straight, reddish-brown hair barely covered her ears and the nape of her neck. Her bangs feathered over her forehead, almost hid her light-brown eyebrows, and teased her eyelids. She was beautiful, with those hazel eyes, a slender nose, and full, dark pink lips. After being turned down by Angie Silva, he had no plans to get involved this soon, or ever look for lasting love again. Being a shape-shifter, it was just as well. After his run-in with the Hawks, he wanted this woman naked and in every way he could think to take her, now.

When the robe parted with her long strides, he also noticed a narrow line of lace along the bottom of her short, pink, boxer-style pajama bottoms. It would be so easy to slip his hand beneath that lace and pleasure her, taste her. What was his problem? With his sense of smell still heightened, he detected her arousal.

Could his need stem from her attraction to him as well? Or was it only the result of the fight with the Hawks? He imagined making love to her on her dark brown sofa, or up against the beige walls, or on the pink marble kitchen counter. The soft pink Oriental rug would be different, even her bed.

He wanted to plunge balls-deep inside her wet, slick pussy, and find release while she found hers. The image had his cock rising hard and ready. Violence had no place here. He swiped his fingers through his hair. Get a grip, Enriquez. He needed to contact Derek and report what happened tonight with the Hawks gang. Sorry, I forgot.

See a Problem?

Here you go. Derek answered. My car needs a tow. Can you call Ramon to haul it in? He turned. Her arms and hands were full of towels and bags of ice.

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She looked like she meant business. Hey, Derek, give me a lift in the morning, okay? Juan Enriquez. Are they the guys who attacked you with such viciousness? Let me help you with those ice bags.

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He lifted his eyebrows in question. Help yourself. She felt a little powerless until Juan removed her bra and helped her stand. Derek slid her slacks down her legs and off her feet. She wanted to turn and feast her eyes on him, but Derek held her still, facing him, his big hands bracketing her hips and then sliding her panties down. The way in which the two of them worked together was a little overwhelming. Almost as rushed as her ex had been about getting her naked when he felt the urge.

The important difference was that she participated willingly tonight. Juan wrapped his arms around her waist, his familiar touch calming her nerves. She trusted him to protect her. He supported her while Derek slipped her panties from her feet, leaving her completely naked. Derek watched as he knelt in front of her, his penis erect, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the head.

Juan slipped a finger between her slick folds and pushed inside her wet opening. She gasped. Your pussy is dripping with your juices. Derek stared at the swollen flesh between her thighs.

By Claire Adele - Claire Adele

Juan slid his finger in and out of her opening. Her channel pulsed with need, and she inhaled a swift breath. The delicate, heady mixture filled her, a huge contrast to their strong male manipulation of her body. It felt decadent and tantalizing at the same time with his long finger inside her channel.

The Secret to becoming a Sex God - Inside MMM

The ache between her thighs burgeoned. The scent of warm men and musky sex surrounded her. The thought of him tasting her made her opening burn with naughty need. His cock slipped from her butt cheeks and rested against the small of her back, his pre-cum and her fluids marking a trail. Derek cupped the outside of her thighs and nuzzled her folds. His hot tongue pushed deep and teased her clit. A sharp moan escaped her.

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Laving and circling her sensitive flesh, he drove her need for more intense sensation. His tantalizing lips and tongue left her. She spread her feet wider apart, giving him the access he asked for. Before she could ask what, Derek bent her knees and positioned her thighs to rest on his shoulders.

Oh, my god.

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Kneeling on the floor as Derek was, she was wide open for him. It was almost too much. Aug 29, April rated it liked it Shelves: menage , naughty-book-a-thon , paranormal , siren-bookstrand-publishing , sexy-naughty-books. It has been a little while since I read this book but here is what I recall I love the series!! Yummy romance involving shifters. Plenty of steamy action and a touch of humor!

Definitely a series to get into! I started it and didn't stop until I reached the last book that was released! I am always looking for the next book! If you like steamy shifter romances this is a series to look into!!!! Jan 10, Tammy rated it it was amazing Shelves: a-paranormal-romance , contemporary , m-f-m , m-f , menage , series , were-wolf , claire-adele.