Engaging the Authentic Prophetic Voice (The Samuel Prophetic Company 1)

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To recognise the voice of the Spirit whenever he wants you to use your gift. I don't oppose that there is a need to grow. Now if I asked my friend to put a secret object in a box, and I asked God for prophetic revelation so that I would know what was in that box; do you think God would answer that? To grow in confidence that God actually talks to us and to learn to discern His voice. Again, exercise might sound unspiritual, yet as outlined in my article, Hebr shows that your discernment grows "through practice".

Paul's urging everyone to pursue the prophetic in 1 Cor underlines that God wants to speak more than we expect. If that weren't the case, Paul wouldn't have urged them to tune in more. And though I do agree that not everyone has a noticeable prophetic gifting, I believe that every born-again believer has the ability to hear God's voice.

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Joel also underlines that the pouring out of His Spirit on all flesh beginning with Acts 2 will result in a widespread increase particularly of the prophetic in contrast to the more singular giftedness we find in the Old Testament prophets. As you said, there are times when God doesn't answer.

I agree with that, and in the groups that I host I always say that everyone is free to pass when they don't get anything because we want the real deal and not some fleshly stuff that's made up by yourself. But biblically see verses above and even from my personal experience and that of countless others that's an exception though some Christian circles prefer picturing God as the God who's mostly silent, a notion with which I heavily disagree. Regarding the exercise that you brought up: See, you won't find an exercise like you described in my list above.

It's because I don't believe in self-exalting exercises that focus on showing everyone how awesome my gifting is. The exercise you made up seems to have this primary benefits of showing everyone how accurately I can prophesy, rather than being Christ exalting and serving others by hearing what God thinks and feels about them.

Spiritual gifts exist to build up others, not to make yourself great. The prophetic exists to share the heart of God that's why the end goal in those exercises isn't "colors" but His thoughts, plans, and purposes - see Step 2 of that particular exercise above. The groups and group exercises I outline here always focus on serving one another and building one another up, on growing in discerning God's voice together, and on growing in confidence and in the experience that God really listens when I speak and that He really responds when I ask.

I really appreciate that you spend your time answering this, even though my approach is a bit harsh. I know that the Bible speaks of pursuing the prophetic gift, but it doesn't give clear instructions on how to do that. So it's a bit of a puzzle. We can also see that we cannot learn the gifts but we receive the gifts that the Holy Spirit wants to give us.

I have read, and re-read your article and answers, and I see that we won't agree on this.

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I still think what you are outlining is spiritual "games" that isn't very different from my example. I would never engage in such activities even though I believe in all the gifts mentioned in the Bible. But I have a better understanding of how you are thinking. Thank you for reading the article and taking the time to respond as well.

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Yes, the prophetic, just like any other thing on earth, poses certain risks. That's why we have rules to compensate those risks as best as we can. What I have to say is that I come from a Christian background where people don't believe in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. I'm probably more careful in that area than the usual charismatic Christian you might come across. I also wrote an article in which I outline a few of the do's and don'ts of the prophetic. They often make it seem something so ungraspable, that consequently no one ever actually obeys 1 Cor and pursues it.

What I want readers to take away from my articles is that hearing God's voice isn't something reserved for a small spiritual elite Rom and instead help them to take the first baby steps to grow in it. Whether or not someone actually does take them is up to the individual. Concerning the testing of prophetic words: The primary person testing a prophetic word isn't the one giving it to another but the one receiving it 1 Tim Paul commands people to test every word, which is everyone's responsibility.

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But I often feel like the lack of biblically sound teaching and the experience of the prophetic in many churches leaves people immature in how they treat a prophetic word. If you don't know how the prophetic works and if you haven't experienced it in a church setting where people are mature, you're most likely to take any prophetic word as God's word, which will hurt you in the long run.

In my other articles I also underline the importance to not claim infallibility for yourself by not using "Thus says the Lord" when you share an impression you have for someone else. I hope that those things show that I have put significant thought into how the prophetic can be implemented in a mature, safe, and biblically sound way. You personally might not agree with everything or most of it even, but I can assure you that I am very careful in how I do things and very eager to please the Lord in all things 2 Cor In my mostly catholic community in Czech republic, these exercises work very well for us.

We are all mostly begginers with prophesying and hearing God's voice. Our desire is to be able to bring His words into real life situations and evangelization. In these exercises, we form small groups of trusted people, ask God for prophetic words or images colors, animals, anything and explanation. If we feel we've recieved something from the Lord, we say it and the person and the rest of the group may discern and confirm it. Often the Lord gives similar words or image to more than 1 person.

This way we learn to discern His voice and thoughts from ours. By exercising.

It's amazing and there's no need to fear. And God is really doing amazing things, I have many testimonies. He's a faithfull and a loving Father. I don't see anything wrong with this. It seems much better to me than getting out on the street and speaking words that might be anything to random people immediately after you receive the Gift of prophecy. Jan, Hey Jan, that's so beautiful and encouraging to hear.

Makes me happy to hear you guys are doing it in Czech Republic! Many blessings from your national neighbor - a German. Will definitely be using these exercises in a workshop. I also honour both John-Olav and Benjamin for a respectful and helpful discussion. Like Benjamin I come from a background where the Spirit was barely talked about let alone the prophetic gifting. However, unlike John-Olav, I'm ashamed to say I was disrespectful and much more harsh in my discussions with others like Benjamin. And now I'm completely in agreement with Benjamin and training others to hear the voice of God.

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The verse that hurts my heart and the reason why I will always help others to hear the voice of God for themselves is 'Samuel did not yet know the Lord because he had never had a message from the Lord before. Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback, Louise. I like that, and will probably add that to my future teachings! Many blessing to your ministry of training others to hear and commune with Him. Hi, my name is Richard and I would like to share my story in hopes of finding some new groups to expand and share my new gift.

Here's my story. For the last several years, I have felt a tremendous burden to shut down all my activity within the Fake Church and to seek Him concerning His sight for the following years.


He has always answered me clearly through the dreams, visions, and now finally encounters with The Spirit and that first time is very shocking to your conciseness. In May, I had a visitation from the Spirit in the night in which he woke me by pulling my foot right out of the bed and holding it out in midair. I sat up and saw a cloud with a male face in the center and a thin stem of cloud holding my foot in midair. I could feel tingling around my ankle where it was being held. I then looked back to the face and said The face said to me without speaking to go back to sleep and all would be revealed to me.

The next morning I woke and was shaken to my sole and scared out of my whits. When the Spirit first came to me I denied this for several days not even saying my prayers at night I was afraid to go to bed not praying also had me very concerned. On the forth night I felt I could be brave enuf to face what ever this was. I said my prayers and laying down still afraid and after several minutes I said Ok, lm ready to face you again Spirit too know your per pus of your visit.

I felt like I had just fallen asleep when I felt that tingling sensation on my foot. I sat up and only saw a shadow by my bed and he said without speaking. Very clearly told me in my head to continue my research into Gods true word and that the Lord was going to prepare me for a very special job later.

I was also instructed too consecrate myself for when His word would come to me. I awoke the next morning and felt I was awake looking around the room but was unable to move. But then I started to feel weightless and felt the presence of the Spirit filling my mind and body with an overwhelming feeling of joy, love and peace happy, happy to be alive and then I cried my eyes out. As I responded in obedience, I need to get re-baptized and I can't find a Church that will accept me after I share my story. I began receive several significant prophetic dreams concerning the Fake Church, Baptism, the Roman Catholic Church and the year and beyond.

Each time that I awakened, I sensed the deep abiding presence of the Spirit and began having further fellowship and conversation with this Spirit, asking for greater clarity and wisdom. I sensed a release from the period of consecration and also permission to share what I have received from the Spirit. Amen So here I am with a new gift and no Church no one to share this with and am hoping to connect through this site.

I'm originally from Owatonna Minnesota and just recently moved to Boone Iowa.