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They love life and can be quite mischievous children. Because Sagittarius is the central column air element of the fire signs, it has the additional influence of air. Air fuels the fire and enable it grow and expend, this is why the Sagittarius can be a channel - instructor - teacher - salesman or any job in communication that combine the knowledge with humanity.

Sagittarians are adventurous people who make excellent drivers, race drivers, and pilots. They love sports and challenge their destiny by taking unnecessary risks. Everything they do is on a large scale, with the help of Jupiter, which expands the Sagittarian's mind in business, social and romantic endeavors! These conditions, together with the metaphysical actions that the Hasmoneans did, brought about this miracle that happened years ago.

The power of miracles exists and is available for us to access every day of the year. We must simply light the candles with the right and proper meditations and by that we activate this metaphysical system of miracles in our lives. Saturn provide the law enforcement in the cosmos, giving us each exactly what we deserve. This is the reason that Saturn has gotten such a bad rap amongst astrologers.

Capricorn is an earth sign, with a strong connection to the material world. People born in this month have a strong need for financial security. They believe only in what their five senses convey and have trouble seeing beyond the apparent. Capricorn represents the Right Column of the earth signs, which signifies that its internal energy is water. This translates into the Capricorn's helpful and caring character. Capricorns are family-oriented and have strong ties to the home.


They are great caretakers who can often lack faith in the Light-force because they are easily controlled by physical forces. They fear what tomorrow might bring and a potential lack of funds for survival. These fears keep many Capricorns from becoming more spiritual. After all, time is money! They make excellent business people, accountants, engineers, attorneys, and in any disciplinary position, from crossing guard to drill sergeant. It is the third of the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Aquarius represents the Left Column of the three. Aquarius is ruled by two planets.


Traditional astrology attributes control of this month to Saturn, and modern astrology has given credit to Uranus, discovered by the astronomer William Hershel on March 13, Saturn, the seventh planet in the solar system, is the planet of judgment, order, responsibility, discipline and laws. Uranus is the eighth planet in the solar system, the one that breaks the proximity and limitations of seven - seven days, the seventh day, seven colors, seven notes etc. Uranus elevates us to new consciousness and new concepts beyond limitation. This is why the Age of Aquarius and the month of Aquarius are considered times of change.

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Both are times of new knowledge, inventions, humanity, the need to help, to understand and to support the needy. The energy of Uranus also connects to the air element - intellectualism, innovations, and new concepts that will bring the world to a higher level of consciousness. Aquarians are rebellious by nature because they are constantly faced with penetrating questions concerning their individuality, their uniqueness and their identity. This is the reason that they strive to break old boundaries.


To Aquarians, the past is but a fleeting moment, and they disconnect from the past in order to find a fresh and unfamiliar reality, a new truth to fit the new times. Uranus orbits the sun every 84 years, which explains the common phenomenon of the "midlife crisis" that plagues year olds. It is actually a case of Aquarius-it is, when we begin to question our life's purpose and make plans for the next 40 or so years.

Aquarians make excellent computer technicians, scientists, and social workers. They thrive doing anything revolutionary, especially in tasks that carry the flag of social-political revolution. Because Aquarians perceive the world as unified, and Kabbalists consider this to be the basis of true redemption.

Redemption is when all negativity is cleansed, when humanity is free of evil and fragmentation. Because of their higher level of consciousness, Aquarians are directly linked to this redemptive moment. Aquarians are unique… they stand out in a crowd and cannot be ignored. They show great promise as children and as adults they are idealists who strive to change the universe with original ideas.

They are rebels, and their concern is the well being of humanity as a whole.

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They rebel against established ways of doing things, always looking to find new, better ways to solve world problems. Though Aquarians seek justice for all, this is a global quest, not a personal one. They support things that are grand and noble, while they fail to be sensitive to those around them who are suffering. Aquarians often lack a sense of the practical, and they are passionately independent and private.

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Their desire for originality causes them to set themselves apart from the crowd. Despite their friendliness and open-mindedness, they are also the most stubborn of all signs. They reject all established structures, and fight to maintain their individuality and freedom in order to exercise their innovative ideas. They detest confinement of any sort.

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Yet the most challenging barrier they face is most often their own egos. Even as they begin to make changes in their lives, their focus tends to be external, and they have trouble really changing from deep within. Aquarians have the power to break free of the limitations of the physical world. But to manifest this power, they must control the aspects of their nature that interfere with its accomplishment. Aquarians are capable of helping humanity, as long as their own ideas do not become more important than the cause itself. True spirituality means being part of humanity, not above it.

Unfortunately, Aquarians usually have such high opinions of themselves that imposing their own views can become their sole objective. Aquarians must conquer their pride, and realize that they have been entrusted with their attributes in order to manifest a certain force in this world. They are merely channels for this energy, and so are not entitled to personal glory. For those born under the sign of Aquarius and for those now about to become influenced by the cosmic energy of Aquarius, you can attain the consciousness of a cosmic reality and feel responsible for humanity as a whole.

You can know true friendship and perhaps even universal fraternity. And Aquarians have the strength for this task, from past lives. You can experience an exceptional and unique adventure in the history of humanity if you manage the most difficult restriction — silencing your ego and practicing humility and modesty while living in simplicity.

Pisces completes the astrological cycle that begins with Aries. It is Central Column of the water signs, and is controlled by two planets, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter controls two signs: Pisces and Sagittarius. This "togetherness" and mass effort of unconditional sharing caused the miracle that prevented the total extermination of the Israelites in Persia, under Achashverosh's rule. Jupiter is the planet of success, miracles, expansion of the metaphysical vessel and our extension of our spiritual ability. The second planet that rules Pisces, Neptune, was discovered only in the 19th century as the planet to rule the abstract; the planet itself has no boundaries or limitations, as it is surrounded by gas.

It controls intuition, imagination, creativity and art. It provides us with the ability to see and understand beyond our five senses. The combination of these two planets gives Pisces a very powerful emotional ability. They are remarkably sensitive and vulnerable with the strongest intuition of any sign. They are very deep people, whether it comes to opinion, thought, or inspiration. Pisceans have an uncanny talent for sensitivity toward others, for they can truly enter a person's heart and mind and experience the pain and suffering of others.

They have the metaphysical ability predict the future, and they can often be psychic and clairvoyant. Many Pisceans have a gift for mathematics, science, and metaphysics Albert Einstein was a Pisces. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. The fish swimming against the stream represents the powerful "Pisces" potential. They can be "sharks" — as charismatic and strong leaders with vision and clarity about leadership that can guide an entire nation, like Moses, who was also a Pisces.

It's hard to be a talking ape in the big bad city. Especially when you set out to be a drummer and became a super hero instead. But will that be enough? Can fame and adventure replace lifelong dreams? Do we even have to ask? Featuring Reflex 6, Samaritan and a few surprises.