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In power, Blues radiate love, acceptance, and forgiveness. These compassionate beings will even befriend those whom others find unlovable. Blues look for the good in people. They will give everyone many second chances. No matter what mistakes people make, Blues will love and forgive them. In power, Blues also trust and follow their intuition. Out of power, Blues frequently doubt their self-worth.

Their greatest fear is being alone, abandoned and unloved. They want deeply to be loved, but they often have trouble receiving or believing that they are loved. When Blues don't feel loved they can become overly emotional, dramatic, and consumed with self-pity. They become victims and martyrs. Out of power, they use guilt to manipulate others, hoping that if people feel guilty enough, they will give Blues more love and attention. Blues just want to feel loved and appreciated.

The two most important priorities in a Blue's life are spirituality and relationships. More than anything in the world, the devoted Blues want to be in loving, committed, and emotionally connected relationships. Blues can be the most loyal and supportive mates of all the Life Colors and they need partners who are just as loyal and monogamous.

Blues are nurturing, supportive counselors and caretakers. Their life purpose is to give love, to teach love, and to learn about love — especially learning that they themselves are loved. The spiritual Blues live from their hearts and emotions. Actually they are the most emotional people on the planet, crying when they are happy, sad, angry, or sometimes for no reason at all. People always turn to Blues for comfort and counsel because Blues will always be there for them. Some of the roles a Blue finds fulfilling are teacher, marriage and family counselor, educator, clergy, volunteer, nurse, childcare worker, parent, homemaker, and social worker.

Blues are among the most nurturing and devoted partners. They live for love. One of their greatest joys and sources of fulfillment is knowing that they are in a loving, committed, and monogamous relationship. When Blues fall in love, there is nothing they will not do to keep their relationship together. What Blues needs from their life partner is love, monogamy, loyalty, faithfulness, emotional connection, mutual trust, and long-term commitment. Blues are often highly emotional beings so they need partners who are compassionate, kind, and understanding.

Blue Aura Meaning & Personality

Emotional intimacy is much more important to Blues than physical intimacy. They desire a strong emotional and supportive bond with their partner and a harmonious, spiritual, and love-filled home — and for it all to last forever. Because Blues are here to be in service, they are usually drawn to the helping professions such as teaching, counseling, and nursing. They work best one-on-one and heart-to-heart with people. Although Violets are also drawn toward helping people, they work more often with groups rather than with individuals.

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Because Blues feel that love and money do not mix, they have created some of the lowest paid positions in the professional fields. Most service organizations are also nonprofit organizations. Blues do not believe they should profit from helping others. Learning that prosperity, love, and spirituality can coexist harmoniously is a major lesson for them.

Any occupation that allows them to help other people appeals to Blues. Also, they appreciate the opportunity to spend time at home creating a loving, cozy, and nurturing environment. People and relationships are more important to Blues than money, so they often struggle financially, choosing low-paying, service-oriented jobs.

Written Summary on the Blue Aura Color

Because money is not a priority, Blues are usually fearful of not having enough, especially when they have families to support. In addition, it is easier for them to complain, suffer, and dramatize their hard work and sacrifices than it is for them to ask for a raise. Because Blues are very good givers but not very good receivers, one challenge for them is learning to receive money.

They usually feel that their services should come from the heart, not from a desire for money. They commonly feel that being spiritual means being opposed to having material wealth.

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Even though Blues are happy being givers, they need to learn how to receive. By never learning to receive, they are cheating others out of the joy of giving and are, to a certain extent, looking down on them. You, however, are not prosperous or powerful enough to give to me. This empowers others to feel good about their capabilities.

Blues can also feel guilty having more than their friends or families have. They subconsciously feel they must suffer with everyone else not being prosperous or in harmonious, satisfying relationships. Auras themselves are unique electromagnetic fields, which reflect the spiritual conditions and dominant chakras of the people they surround. Your aura, quite simply, is an oval-shaped field of light and vibration that shows the current state of your physical, mental, and spiritual self. Call a psychic advisor on Keen to find out.

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You have nothing to lose—the first 3 minutes are on us. Your dominant aura color usually corresponds to your most dominant chakra. In other words, your blue chakra is as dominant as your aura is blue. Each chakra is linked to a different color of the rainbow and a different part of your body, from the red root lower body to the violet crown brain.

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So, which chakra is blue, and what does that mean about your aura? The thyroid or throat chakra, the fifth of seven chakras, is linked to the thyroid and the color blue. If you have a rich, royal blue chakra, you are deeply in tune with your throat chakra and therefore your voice. The blue chakra, or throat chakra, is strongly linked to honesty, self-expression, and good speech and communication skills.

The more dominant this chakra, the more likely you are to exhibit these skills and tendencies. Each color of the rainbow actually represents a multitude of different shades and tones, and the same goes for auras. After all, these fields are reflections of humans as unique and unpredictable creatures. To start, is your aura true blue, or does it lean toward green or indigo on the color spectrum? Other shades may be present in your aura, and it may also be muddy or vibrant, light or dark.

Brightness and light correspond to positive energy, while dark or muddy shades are associated with more negative moods and personalities. Meanwhile, the presence of other colors may suggest some personality traits associated with other aura colors, even if blue remains your dominant shade.

Here are some of the most common shades of blue auras. What does your particular shade say about your personality traits and behaviors?