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He is 10 or so but he is already full yandere. She can do no wrong and everyone else beside her is an enemy. I am sure he would sniff her sweaty undergarments if he had the opportunity to do so. I think he will be written to have no other friends and no life of his own except for her. The author made it so that he is fully dependent on her to the point of obsession because that is the only way he could possibly remain faithful. Full blown obsession is the only way to compete with other women if everybody can have concubines and harems.

God forbid he looks at someone else, nah, the solution is to worship the ground the goddess walks on. I don't think the author was in any romantic relationship ever because she is trying to romanticize a female groomer and a yandere who would keep her in a dungeon to protect her. At some point it was mentioned that the male love interest triggered maternal instincts in her. Mothers don't do filthy things with their children. Ughh, just everything about this series gets me going so do yourself a favour and read it!!

However, for people who haven't read far Read if you want to. But let me say, I wanted to cough up blood. Rather than gush and gush about what I love or hate here's a list of what's different. If these check your boxes, you're in for a treat. She has reincarnated more than once, and in different time periods, though the story doesn't dwell on the past much.

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At least, we don't get huge info dumps. The story flows smoothly. She's no pushover, though. Past conflicts are written as the culmination of circumstances and choices karma rather than "chars are either on the protagonist's side or they're a big bag of dicks". MC does a lot of the usual transmigration stuff, but it's the first time I've felt like a character put thought into consequences.

MC is not twitterpated.

I like that word. If you're looking for the usual love plots, this may actually cause you rage. Note: This leads to a series of yandere chapters where even a psycho-lover like me was annoyed.

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It's only sexy if doki-doki, otherwise, it's just Frankly, I'm not sure this kind of thing is something a couple gets old and laughs about. This is a really good novel It kinda have the reality feelings specially the MC Amazing story. I didn't realize I needed something like this until I read it. How much can you blame a villain when you find them before they did anything wrong? How willing are you to kill a child who grew to be your killer, when you have a chance to change him for the better in your own way?

I love the fact that the chapters don't drag on unnecessarily and the plot proceeds at a steady pace. I'm eagerly looking forward to more! If you had treated yourself to some spoilers as I had , you will know that the review is between mixed and negative and doesn't sound too promising. But I still decided to give it a chance and First of all, in response to the reviews and judgments, the novel has to face before some even gave it a chance.

I understand their sentiment, towards the female MC and even the ML s , it is not completely wrong. Nevertheless, I still urge people to give it a chance and make their own choices. It's easy to read a sentence that sums up an entire story, but it also disregards the complexity. Especially in today's cancel culture. First, let's start with the good. Compared to other transmigrated MCs, she is honest and upright and for the reader, a very sympathetic character.

Arrogant, but not too overbearing to the point of being absolutely ruthless Spoiler. This seems decently translated and the writing is about average for the genre. I'm not fully caught up to the current translation but I'm just gonna drop it here. My main problem is this: the MC's goal is too wishy-washy.

Basically, her main goal is to live a happy life after two previous reincarnations. Because she is a decent human being, she can't help but want to save ML when they are both children, even though he betrayed her in the previous life. This makes sense and can be justified but The author makes it abundantly clear that she gave this guy absolutely everything she could only for him to toss her aside for some bimbo that gave him soup for his injured throat.

Then when the bimbo wanted MC dead, ML tortured her horrendously before murdering her. She used future tech and OP kung-fu to make him emperor and he didn't hesitate to cripple her, rip out her fingers and toes, and whip her over one hundred times. Yet 3 days after reincarnation she is unwilling to see him die. Even feeling worried about if a rainstorm will make him sick.

Basically, the author makes the betrayal too extreme and her concern too extensive. If you are willing to overlook that, it moves well enough I guess. Though it's too early to say this but so far the story is good and cute. You'll be able to sympathize with the characters. I hope the story doesn't go down slope. Im shocked to see the bad reviews!

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Bcs Im totally hooked into this novel. Theres so many reasons to love this story as I continue to read the raw by my own The main character, Gong Yi Mo, has a good heart. You know, shes been killed by false accusation in her second life by Gong Jue the Male Lead, the regent lord , bcs hes madly devoted to Lan'er female antagonyst who secretly plot to stealth GYM lover, Gong Che the emperor.

BUT, in this third life, she let go of the revenge, and start afresh. Although she initially helps Gong Jue to hold it thighs, but the later affection between them is real. The story progress and develop into better circumstances between the three Gong's siblings, and its heartwarming. One of my favorite dialogue between GYM and GJ are, "The greatest power that leader holds is not punishment, but forgiveness". You see? The story kept MC holds the integrity and righteousness despite the past hard life. If you fond of this kind of character plot setting, definitely should read! The story development was kind of funny I never really fond of historical setting that mixed up "modern invention" and past life nor Over Powered MC that acts high and mighty just because she had the previous life memories.

But this MC is rather fresh. The personality is really cheerful. She thought that she was a mother who raise a boy, just like farmer to raise crops, she and GJ are what you called, air headed girl being petted by her 'son'. It might add some excitement to see the development of this naive MC! I change my review because of good translated.

I didn't give five stars was because I am not satisfied with male lead.

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He killed our MC at first chapter. He doesn't deserved HE. He is crazy psycho.

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